Term and Conditions

You will have one months access to the online videos from the date you sign up. A recurring payment of £6 will be taken from your bank account every month on the same date unless you choose to cancel your membership.

If you choose to cancel your membership you will continue to have access up until the renewal date.

The renewal date is the same date each month from the day you sign up. You will receive an email a few days before the renewal date to inform you that this payment is due.

You will receive a receipt by email following each monthly payment.

If you have any concerns about your level of fitness then we strongly advise you to contact your GP for further advice before starting this programme.

Do not participate if you are pregnant or have given birth within the last 8 weeks. Please contact your GP or midwife for further advice on when to start exercising.

If you experience any inappropriate pain during the sessions you must stop and seek further advice from your GP or a Pysiotherapist.

Whilst every care is taken during the sessions to make sure the exercises are explained and demonstrated properly, you acknowledge you are undertaking a physical activity and injury may occur.

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