Is Pilates suitable for me?

The quick answer is yes. Pilates in some form will be suitable for you. The exercises may have to be modified to suit your personal requirements but we know the basic technique of engaging the core and improving posture will be beneficial to everybody. Even if you are starting from scratch, or suffering from chronic pain Pilates will gradually build your strength and improve your mobility and reduce your pain. Depending on where you are starting from it may be a slow process but nevertheless its a process that will lead you to being in control of your mind and body.

The key thing is learning the technique properly and only doing exercises that your body is ready for, you may be trying to undo years of poor movement pattens and that doesn’t happen over night. Small, precise and controlled movements are sought after rather than flinging your body around at high speed without thinking about what you are doing.

It can be very nerve wracking starting to learn a new skill and you may have self doubt whether you can do it or not, but with patience and commitment you will start to feel the benefits and you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

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