WHAT IF I HAVE AN INJURY? With any injury, acute or chronic we recommend getting it checked out and diagnosed by a GP or Physiotherapist before starting Pilates. Gentle & controlled movement can be beneficial whilst carrying an injury but the movements need to be appropriate for you to minimise any further risk of damage. Pain is your body’s warning system so you must stop the exercise if you feel any pain. Pilates exercises can be modified easily to suit your needs and if you are unable to do a particular exercise there are plenty of alternatives so you can continue to work the rest of the body.

WHAT IF I DO NOT HAVE A SPECIFIC INJURY BUT I EXPERIENCE PAIN IN SOME PARTS OF MY BODY? Many aches and pains arise from poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle, by learning Pilates properly and practicing regularly you will improve your posture, muscle strength and flexibility and will notice the aches and pains start to reduce.

WHAT IF I’VE NEVER DONE ANY EXERCISE BEFORE? Then Pilates is ideal for you! The slow and controlled manor in which the exercises are performed are a safe way to start moving your body. Pilates is a sustainable form of exercise so you won’t be setting yourself up to fail, you will achieve your goals and feel good about it. We have developed an online 8 step beginner program for absolute beginners which you can repeat as many times as you like before moving on, just head to the sign up page to get started.

WHAT IF I WORK AND AM UNABLE TO ATTEND A LIVE CLASS? You can sign up to our online video library and have 24/7 access to the videos meaning you can do classes at a time that suits you. We also have shorter sessions available and relaxation sessions which are perfect for the evening.

WHAT IF I WANT SOME EXTRA HELP? You can contact us directly to ask any questions about the exercises, it is important that you feel you are doing it correctly, OR you can book a private live zoom session with Emma and she can review your technique and go through any questions you may have.

WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PILATES AND YOGA? Quite a lot! there are many different forms of Yoga and they vary greatly. Yoga tends to be more focused on extended stretching and holding poses for a sustained length of time, where as Pilates focuses more on re-aligning and re-balancing the body and moving with very precise and controlled movements, gradually increasing both stability and flexibility. Yoga tends to use ‘abdominal breathing’ which is different to the ‘lateral breathing’ we do in Pilates. Abdominal breathing can increase intra-abdominal pressure weakening the abdominal wall, where as in Pilates we engage the core muscles whilst we breathe taking the pressure off the abdominal wall and encouraging strength.

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